Nazca Lines Address and Contact Number

Nazca Lines Contact Phone Number is : +51 56 522293

and Address is Jr. Bolognesi S/N, Nazca, Peru
Nazca lines are a number of ancient geoglyphs found in Nazca Desert in Peru. Historians believe that it were the footprints of the Nazca culture dated back to 400 A.D. Many of the individual figures drawn as simple to complex lines or geometric shapes, zoomorphic designs picturised spiders, monkeys, fish, hummingbirds, sharks,orcas, lizards and human figures too. Nazca Lines stretch out between the Palpa and Nazca Provinces. In 1994 UNESCO has declared the Nazca Lines as the World Heritage Site. National Institute of Culture designated Nazca Lines as a protected area in 1994 to prevent deterioration of the lines. The contact information like email address, telephone number, website and postal cum official address of Nazca Lines is mentioned in below section.

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Address of Nazca Lines

The address of Nazca Lines is Jr. Bolognesi S/N, Nazca, Peru.

Contact Number of Nazca Lines

The contact number of Nazca Lines is +51 56 522293.

Email Address of Nazca Lines

The email address of Nazca Lines is .

Website of Nazca Lines

The Website of Nazca Lines is .

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Nazca Lines Address Contact Number
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