3m in Maplewood Address and Contact Number

3m in Maplewood Contact Phone Number is : (651)7331110, (651)7339973

and Address is I-94 and McKnight Road, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
3M is a science based company which manufactures a wide range of imaginative products from health care to office products. It has continuously fulfilled the customer’s requirement in real world and makes life easier for the people of Maplewood as well as the people of world. It makes capabilities to make impressive alternatives for its clients and to also provide traders with eye-catching long-term profits. 3M has considered as one of the top thirty companies. The worldwide sale of the company is $30.871 billion and $19.720 billion internationally. The contact information like email address, telephone number, website and postal cum official address of 3m in Maplewood is mentioned in below section.

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Address of 3m in Maplewood

The address of 3m in Maplewood is I-94 and McKnight Road, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000.

Contact Number of 3m in Maplewood

The contact number of 3m in Maplewood is (651)7331110, (651)7339973.

Email Address of 3m in Maplewood

The email address of 3m in Maplewood is .

Website of 3m in Maplewood

The Website of 3m in Maplewood is .

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3m in Maplewood Address Contact Number
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Ms. Patti RyanJan 27, 2020
Please stop your promotional commercials. They make me physically ill; I get sick to my stomach every time your commercials tout how 3M improves lives. I yell back how you've damaged the lives of some of our Vets. Shame on you I can not imagine how Vets feel when they see them. I volunteer at a Veteran Center. Our sole purpose is to help Veterans. Their greatest need is with VA claims. I'm sure you know Veterans'#1 injury is ear damage-tinnitus and hearing loss. It rips my heart apart to know 3M sold damaged goods to our military. These folks put their lives on the line for us and 3M, one of the most successful cos. In the US, didn't have the decency to sell them a quality product. Since I was little I thought 3M was the best. I loved your "Scotch Tape". Hey, that's what everyone calls cellophane tape. Now you disgust me. Many Vets have PTSD and are so broken. Some cry because they can not hear well and it's so difficult getting the help they need. You've made their lives worse; shame on you.
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